Racial Traits

Topples Dice, Tales: 6, Requires: Goblin Racial

Luck shifts in odd ways around you. You may now spend two Goblin Points to shift the side of a rolled dice to any adjacent (share a side length) face, rather than re-rolling it.

Sturdy as Scrap, Tales: 8, Requires: Drost Racial

Your wounds react stronger than your kin. Replace your racial ability with the following: When wounded, gain +2 defense against all damage types of the same category (Dexterous, Cognitive, or Resolve), until the end of the current Encounter.

Lightning Reflexes, Tales: 6, Requires: Fairy Racial

Some call you jumpy. Unnervingly so. Replace your racial ability with the following: At the start of Turn Time you may add -VIG*2 to your Initiative roll.

Pained Rage, Tales: 6, Requires: Goran Racial

The battle rage of your ancestors runs strong in you. Replace you racial ability with the following: When you suffer a wound, do not regain Toughness. Instead immediately take an extra turn. Gain Circumstance equal to your Tenacity*2 until the end of your turn. If you wound a target during this extra turn, regain toughness equal to your Tenacity. Effects that happen at the start of your turn happen immediately. If the wound would kill you, gain this extra turn in addition to your last action before death.

Grape Vine, Tales: 8, Requires: Vincal or CNT 3+

Designate a reoccurring NPC to become a Gossip Vendor. This person knows a little bit about everyone and everything. You can request specific information from them in exchange for a number of Gossip Points depending on the secrecy of the information in question.

If this Gossip Vendor dies you may designate a new one at GM discretion. Knowledge bought from a Gossip Vendor doesn’t cause you to regain Gossip Points.

If you do not already have Gossip Points gain a Maximum of 2 Gossip Points and regain one or more Gossip Point anytime you learn a particularly juicy bit of information that is not common knowledge.