Personality Traits

Exploitative, Tales: 4

You are skilled in utilizing even the slightest advantage to destroy your opponents. Beware that most people don’t enjoy watching you kick someone while they’re down.

When attacking a target you gain Shred equal to your Circumstance/2. You may not wound a target unless you have a Circumstantial bonus.

Ominous, Tales: 5

Something about you is frightful, intimidating or unnerving. Perhaps you are physically intimidating, or have a horrific birth defect. Perhaps you have suffered a terrible loss and carry it with you like a dark shroud. Or maybe, you’ve been cursed.

Most people feel your presence through the Bond. All targets within Medium range with at least CNT -1 will be made known of your presence and approximate location.

Tale-Spinner, Tales: 6

You’ve been around, you know the stories, all of them. Maybe you’re a professional bard, or storyteller, or maybe you’re just well traveled and have a knack for remembering these things.

For a Normal Action you may remember a story about a location, person, creature, culture, item, etc. Begin telling a story about this subject. At some point pause, and declare that this is all you can remember. Then perform an EDU check using your Level/2 as your Skill level, and comparing it to the obscurity of the subject of your story.

If you succeed you’ve remembered the rest of the story. The GM wil pick up the story where you left it and complete it.

If you fail then you don’t remember, and cannot attempt this ability again without incurring a circumstantial penalty, until you have taken some time (usually a Good Night’s Rest) to clear your head.

Note that the effects of this take place in real time, as such you probably cannot tell a story in the middle of combat, or another time sensitive encounter.

Cool & Collected, Tales: 8

You always appear calm, professional, and capable. Perhaps you’re a professional servant, or politician. Maybe you have nerves of steel, or are perpetually chilled out.

You project a calming aura onto all targets in Close range. All targets will begin to feel slightly calmer and more collected. Targets whose Will is less than your Level/2 will feel this especially strongly, to the point where if they possess a negative disposition towards you or anyone else, it will be temporarily lessened by one rank.

This effect is constant, and impacts all targets equally. If a target is used to your aura they may attempt a RES check gaining circumstantial bonuses based on their familiarity with you.

Relentless, Tales: 8

You do not stop, you do not slow, regardless of the cost. Perhaps you are rather single minded in your pursuits and can focus on little else, or perhaps you have difficulty accepting defeat.

After a target within your attack range moves out of your attack range for any reason, you may choose to move up to your movement until they are within range again, and then gain a Normal action to attack them.

After doing this, all enemies who attack you can choose the result of their d6 rolls, and you cannot use this Trait again until the start of your next turn. All nearby intelligent enemies will know this.

Socialite, Tales: 8

You know everyone and everyone knows you. You build reputation easily, both good and bad, and people remember your face for a long time.

You know and remember the names and identities of people easily, even if you only head about them tangentially. Similarly people remember your name and identity easily as well.

People are more likely to gain a strong positive or negative Disposition towards you, and will be less likely to change their Disposition towards you. When people do begin to reverse their Disposition towards you, the Disposition inverts, rather than raising or lowering normally.

Mastermind, Tales: 10

You are always planning, plotting, scheming. You can never plan for everything though, and many times will be taken aback by a variable or choice you had not previously considered.

For a Normal Action you may narrate a flashback talking about how you prepared for your current situation in a very specific way. This creates an effect with rating equal to your COG. Flashbacks cannot overlap each other, and using the ability several times in succession will likely have required a great deal of past energy and time, resulting in you being exhausted.

Note that you must have had the time and energy to prepare in this way, and the rating of the effect should be altered by how much time and energy you spent preparing.

On use you may expend 2 Tales to increase the Rating of your effect by 1.

Steadying, Tales: 10

When nearby, those around you feel compelled to remain and see things through. Perhaps you yourself are a very thorough, slow, and steady person, or maybe you merely inspire this in others.

Subtract 1m from your movement stat. At the end of your turn you must choose one of the following effects to apply to each adjacent target:

  • +1 Will Fortification
  • +1 Null Fortification
  • +1 Escape Fortification
  • Lose their next movement action.