Uncommon Races


Originally desert nomads, the Harenite center their whole culture around the worship of higher powers. And not just a single god, or patron, Harenite are famously multi-theistic, worshipping multiple higher powers equally, even those with conflicting views. Some people are put off by this practice, but many small communities welcome them as general priests for all the divines. Regardless of their other devotions, almost all Harenite worship Hollbirth.

Attributes: Start with -4 in every stat. Roll 1d6 six times and add one dice of your choosing to each attribute; your CNT or RES must be equal to or greater than 0, if this is not possible re-roll a die until it is. Add 1 to an attribute of your choosing.
Racial: You may create an effect from a higher powers constitution. In return the higher power may make a demand of you, such as following their creed for a day. You must be able to communicate with the higher power to make the deal, for instance pray to them.
Languages: Nomadic
Characteristics: The Harenite are of lean build. Males average 65kg and 170cm. Females 60kg and 160cm. They have no hair and their skin is rough, and ranges from red to yellow. Hard plates of skin and bone grow out of their back and skull, which help them regulate their body temperature. Their eyes are bright colors of red, yellow, or blue. They can live for 120 years, and become an adult at 18.


Having given their lives to the shadows, the Sholl have a very close connection to the goddess of shadows Skimra. They reside in the darkest places that light still shines, and tend to be too slippery for most to catch.

Attributes: Start with -4 in every stat. Roll 1d6 six times and add one dice of your choosing to each attribute; you may choose not to add one to VIG. Add 1 to an attribute of your choosing.
Racial: For your move action you can sink into shadows and move through them up to a distance of 2*(-VIG). You must exit the shadow by the end of your turn. While in the shadow you are only damaged by those things which make the shadow disappear.
Languages: Light Elemental


Attributes: You have 3 goblin points. Roll 6 1d6-4. If you roll a value of 2, you may lose 1 maximum goblin point to roll 2d6-4 for that value instead. If either of the dice has a 1 or a 2 the value is now -4. Otherwise the value is the sum of the dice minus 4, capped at 6. You now distribute the values you got to each attribute. Add 1 to an Attribute of your choosing.
Racial: When rolling a 6 on a weapon die, you may spend one goblin point to reroll with 2d6, summing the values on the dice block. If you roll a 1 on either dice, the effect fails. Regain a goblin point whenever you wound someone.
Languages: Goblin