Small of stature, Gnome-Kin are an inward folk who keep their secrets to themselves, but range a wide spectrum of personalities and social positions. Gnome-Kin are often labeled as such due to size and little else, and so races within the group don’t always identify, or even remotely resemble each other, but most hold deep respect for the other little folk of the world.

Etequxod (Ete)

Etequxod (all letters except the first three are silent) are a sad race. Almost universally enslaved due to their ornament like appearance. Kalic’s use them as servants and quite literally lawn ornaments as a way to show personal status. Free ete are not uncommon at the fringes of civilization. They often worship Wimble, or TGITC.

Mods: +1 DEX, +1 CNT
Body Type: Small
Languages: Symbal
Racial: Once per day, for a quick action you can cover your body in stone. While in stone all your defenses go up by \(10*LVL+30\). This can be removed at will. While in stone form you cannot use any of your senses.

Ete look like a clay statue of a garden gnome. Males are 14kg and 45cm, Females 11kg and 40cm. Their hair is white and wild. Their skin is pale and their eyes are black or brown. They can live, if lucky, for an astonishing 1000 years, and become an adult at 10.


The most powerful of the Gnomes. Telek are technological masterminds. They invented the first tech golem, and live on giant floating sky islands. Wildly intelligent, and clever with tools. They wield steam and gears as a Kalic does magic. As such they hold a considerable position of power in the world, but rarely involve themselves with pursuits beyond the invention of their next mechanical wonder. They often worship Tonk, or choose to kneel to no higher power.

Mods: +3 EDU, +1 RES, -2 CNT
Body Type: Small
Languages: Lingvo
Racial: Gain a +3 component called Genius which can be applied to any non-constitution based Education skill.

Telek vary widely in appearance due to technological modification. Males average 27kg and 75cm. Females 25kg and 70cm. Their hair, eyes, and skin can be any color they choose. They can live up to 300 years, and become adults at 18.


Some of the smallest and most beautiful creatures in Ver, Pixies look like tiny humans with butterfly wings. Hunted for both their beauty and Pixie Powder, Pixies tend to create small Pixie societies within, or close to villages. Pixies often make their homes in small underground burrow, or hollowed out trees, and boulders.

Mods: +2 DEX, +2 COG, -2 VIG
Body Type: Minute
Racial: For a Quick Action you can sprinkle pixie dust on something, causing it to become weightless. You may add \(5*LVL\) or a relevant skill. Causing a small target to become weightless for 1 round is unremarkable.

Pixie are universally known for their beauty, and butterfly like wings. Males and Females average 1kg, and 16cm. Their body proportions are that of humans, and their hair, eyes, and skin come in almost every variety. They can live up to 350 years, and become adults at 20.