It is, barring divine or draconic intervention, impossible to instantaneously heal a person’s wounds, or restore Toughness. Instead of healing, holy priests, and other defenders of the meak work to prevent damage from being done in the first place.

They do this by granting Fortification, a temporary but powerful boost to a Specific Defense Type. The form this takes is dependent on its source. Thermal Fortification granted by Wordix may take the shape of a halo of golden fire, and Cut Fortification may look like a shimmering sphere of light. Fortification effects made with RES can grant any type of Fortification, but more than just RES effects can create Fortification.

An ice mage for instance, may be able to grant Fortification against heat by chilling a target, and a mentalist may be able to do the same for Duress. In these cases however you should always be clear how you’re granting the Fortification, to ensure it makes narrative sense, and record it as exactly what it is. So Fortification against heat granted from an ice mage should be noted as such, and not added to Thermal Defense.

Fortification lasts until its recipient has taken one full turn. Below is a table outlining the amount of Fortification an effect grants to a single target based on its Rating. If you want to split this among multiple targets, or make it last longer, you should consult your GM.

Failed (0)0
Unremarkable (1)5
Remarkable (2)10
Great (3)15
Fantastic (4)20
Incredible (5)
Heroic (6)30
Legendary (7)35
Divine (8)40
Mythical (9)45
Draconic (10)50

Summary You can’t directly heal your allies, but you can prevent them from

getting hurt in the first place. Fortification is a powerful bonus applied to one Specific Defense Type and lasts until the target has taken one full turn. Most RES effects can always grant any type of Fortification, but anyone can grant Fortification if they can make a reasonable case for how they’re doing it.