Physical Weapons

Dagger, DEX, 1 Handed.

A nibble weapon, excellent for wearing out your opponent, but terrible for going for the kill.

0 Violence2 Violence3 Violence4 Violence4 Violence5 Violence
3 Shred*3 Shred3 Shred3 Shred2 Shred2 Shred

*Backstab: You may move to the opposite side of your target, then inflict 4 Violence.

Spear, DEX, 2 Handed. Range: 2m

A long range weapon, great at wearing out an opponent, that can deliver a decisive blow.

4* Violence5* Violence5 Violence6 Violence6 Violence6 Violence†
3* Shred3* Shred2 Shred2 Shred1 Shred1 Shred

*Keep Distance: You may move up to 2m away from your target.

†Killing Lunge: If you are 2m from your target you may close the distance and add +4 Violence to your attack.

Shortbow, DEX, 2 Handed. Range: Far

4 Violence4 Violence4 Violence4 Violence5 Violence5 Violence
3 Shred2 Shred2 Shred2 Shred2 Shred1 Shred

*Ricochet: Your shot ricochets off your target, striking another target within Close range of your choice, and dealing 2 Shred.