A character can wear one set of armor which, when bought, can be “skinned” however you like, as long as it is representative of the armor’s rating. So a noble fighter might have their Great Armor look like a set of full plate, while a wizard may choose a blue and red robe.

An armor’s Armor Points is divided between the nine types of defense and may be done however you like when you first buy it. If you are buying an Unremarkable set of scrap plate armor you have 42 points to distribute. As it’s plate armor it will probably be better against cut, so maybe you put 10 points into Cut Defense, and then 8 into both Blunt and Escape, and then decide to divide the remaining 24 points between Thaumic, Thermal, Null, Constitution, Duress, and Will (3 points each). Found armor will usually already have a preset skin and division of its Value among the different Defense types.

You can pay to upgrade your armor, instead of buying a new set, by paying the difference in cost between your sets current rating and the rating you are upgrading to, and then distributing your new Armor Points however you like.

RatingArmor PointsCostUpgrade Cost
Pathetic2010 SR-
Lousy8060 SR50 SR
Unremarkable12012 GR60 SR
Remarkable16024 GR12 GR
Impressive20048 GR24 GR
Fantastic24096 GR48 GR
Heroic280192 GR96 GR
Legendary320384 GR*192 GR*
Divine360768 GR*384 GR*
Mythical4001536 GR*768 GR*
Draconic4403072 GR*1536 GR*

* Armor of these ratings are not able to be purchased on the market, but must be found, stolen, or made special order by the best smiths with the rarest materials.


Armor is essential to keeping you alive and can be skinned as a wide variety of things. Each piece of armor grants a number of Armor Points based on its Rating which you can divide between your different Defense Types.