Your Character’s Race

Your race is a very fundamental part of your character. Your race influences your Attributes, and also gives you a passive. More importantly every race has stereotypes and culture associated with it that informs what type of character you’ll play, and how other characters in the game will react to you. Races all derive from a Kin. You have Dwarf-kin, and then the different races of Dwarves. Elf-kin, and then the different races of Elves. Kin all share some ancestors, or are born in similar ways.

Choosing a Race

Finding the right race for your next character can be difficult, it helps first to choose a kin that you’d like to explore, this could be randomly, but choosing it based on the kin’s tendencies can help you narrow in. Below are brief descriptions of the Kin, and what unifies all the races underneath them.

Elf-Kin are physically weak, but gain power in some other area because of that sacrifice.

Dwarf-Kin are hard workers, bread to perform specific tasks very well.

Human-Kin are adaptable, and helpful, staying in clans, and building great things.

Gnome-Kin are outcasts of society, forming small cohorts to protect each other.

Bird-Kin are winged curious creatures who work with the natural world.

Beast-Kin are solitary beings, whose ancestors were once animals themselves.

Goblin-Kin are tribal creatures dealt a poor hand in life.

An Example Race

The name would be above, and this text here would be a description, generally of culture, significance in Ver, and other notable things of the race. The block of text closes out with what the race tends to worship, be that gods, dragons, ancient creatures, or nothing at all.

Mods: Values you MUST add to your Attributes (ATT).

Body Type: A link to the race’s Body Type.

Languages: The languages the race speaks by default.

Racial: This is a passive or ability which is specific to your race, which exemplifies your race’s culture or an ability specific to them.

Finally, below the stats of the race is a description of the races appearance as well as their expected life span, height and weight. This can be very important as lots of races can use their body to their advantage, such as Fairy elves which can glide with their wings. All of the things in the appearance are recommendations though. If you want to play something that doesn’t fit within the bounds of the appearance feel free, just run it by your Game Master first.


Your character’s race will grant several changes to their ATT, a Body Type, default Languages, and a Racial Ability or Passive. It’s worth taking a moment to ask your GM about how your character’s race fits into society in your campaign, as this can have a significant effect on how other characters and players react to your presence.