What is a Character Sheet

A character sheet is a tool for you to remember all the information about your character. This can be whatever works best for you; a piece of paper, a spreadsheet, an encrypted document. We have provided a character sheet pdf file with most everything you need. Be sure to keep good track of this, especially if you’re recording it on paper.

Individual stats and attributes can be found all throughout the rules, but the ones you need to record on your character sheet have also been collected into the Character Sheet Cheat Sheet for convenience. If you keep forgetting a stat, don’t be afraid to write down the equation for it on your character sheet, rather than constantly referencing the Cheat Sheet.


A Character sheet is where you keep track of the various statistics for your character. You can use the provided PDF file, or create your own. If you ever don’t know what is supposed to go some place on your character sheet, check the Character Sheet Cheat Sheet.