Skills are the things that your character can do that you can’t just pick up and learn in a day or two. Skills are things like cooking food, fighting with a longsword, and enchanting magical items. They are things like playing chess, and haggling, and lifting weights. Skills are highly

customizable and can be made to be either very general, such as taking a skill in all Athletic activities, or incredibly specific, like a Trivia skill focusing only on the anatomy of vampire bats. The more specific a skill is, the higher a bonus it will grant you. Each skill is linked to a single ATT and can only be used in a Skill Check that is also using that ATT.

Component Skills

Skills are made of different parts called Components pulled from the table below, which will designate what the Skill is used for and how specific the Skill is. Each Component has a value associated with it and the total of all the Component’s values is the Skill’s Bonus. More Components means a more specific Skill and a higher ending Bonus. You can make a Skill with as few or as many Components as you like, and are encouraged to talk with your GM if you aren’t sure how to make the Skill you want with what is available in the base game.

You and your GM are encouraged to invent components that don’t exist to fit your character’s playstyle and background. When creating new Components you should look at Components with the same Bonus and ask if the new component you are Creating provides about the same level of specificity, or is very similar to pre-existing Components. For instance ‘Joy’ and ‘Anger’ are +4 CNT Components, so ‘Grief’ would be a reasonable +4 Component as well.

The first component to any Skill is its Base. A Skill Base will determine the breadth of the Skill (what all it can be used for) as well as its relevant ATT, and grant a starting Bonus. The ‘Athletics’ Base for instance is a VIG Base that grants a +2 Bonus. Any Skill with the Athletics Base then can be used to perform Athletic activities such as running, exercising, climbing, swimming, and so on.

All other Components will restrict the Skill and make it more specific in exchange for a higher Bonus. After Athletics you could take ‘Climbing’ for a +2 Bonus which would only allow you to do Athletics activities related to Climbing. From there you could take ‘While Inebriated’ for a +3 Bonus and ‘Axe’ for a +2 Bonus. Now you have the Skill: ‘Athletics, Climbing, While Inebriated, Axe’ with a total Bonus of +9, but to apply it to a Skill Check you must be Climbing, while drunk, and using an Axe to help you climb.

It should be noted that being drunk and using an axe to climb a cliff may make the climb more difficult, and apply Circumstantial penalties to you, so you should be careful before you pile on too many extra Components to your Skills. Be sure to communicate with your GM about the Skills you have, how you want them to work, and in what situations would the GM apply Circumstantial penalties to you, because while climbing a stone cliff with an axe while drunk might be harder than doing it normally, having an axe and a bit of liquid courage might help in climbing an icy cliff with a horrifyingly long drop beneath it.

Background Skills

Buying and Upgrading Skills

Skills are bought using LP and have a Rating associated them. The first time you buy a Skill it costs 1 LP, and has a Rating of Lousy (1). You can then upgrade this to a Unremarkable (2) Rating for 2 additional LP. Then 3 LP to upgrade to Great (3) and so on. The Bonus a skill provides is equal to its initial bonus multiplied by its Rating. So a Great (3) Skill with a +5 Bonus grants a +15 Bonus and so on. You can only upgrade a Skill to a certain Rating depending on your Level as outlined in this table:

LevelMax Rating

You can only have a certain number of different Background and Component skills based on your EDU. This is your Skill Cap and it is:

\[ 4+\frac{EDU}{3} \]

At Level 1, you start with two Unremarkable Background skills, and one Unremarkable Component skill.

Weapon and Constitution Skills

Weapons and Constitutions significantly change what your character can do, but require a bit of know-how to use. If you do not have an applicable Skill, but attempt to perform a Skill Check that uses a weapon or constitution, you take a Circumstance -10 penalty.

It should also be noted that not all weapons can use all Constitutions or the same ATT. For instance, you cannot use Artisan’s Implements with the Delight Constitution and so a Skill in ‘Delight Constitution, Artisan’s Impments’ is effectively useless.

You can find what Constitutions a weapon can be used with in the Weapon documents or under Component Definitions, the last section on this page.


Custom components are marked with italics and they can be taken multiple times as long as each more specific Component is a subset contained within all of the others.


Weapon+2Right Handed+1Held Tool+2Jumping+3Vertical Lifting+4
Athletic+2Left Handed+1Bludgeon+2Climbing+3
Performance+2Two Handed+1Polearm+2Running+3
Endurance+2Right Footed+1Crossbow+2While Inebriated+3
Left Footed+1Bow+2
Two Footed+1Shield+2
Upper Body+1Axe+2
Lower Body+1


Weapon+2Right Handed+1Held Tool+2Pickpocketing+3Sleight of Hand+4
Acrobatics+2Left Handed+1Dagger+2Lock Picking+3
Concealment+2Two Handed+1Sword+2While Unobserved+3
Thieving+2Right Footed+1Thrown Weapon+2Rick Taking+3
PerformanceLeft Footed+1Crossbow+2
Two Footed+1Bow+2
Upper Body+1Shield+2
Lower Body+1


Education Constitution+2Right Handed+1Held Tool+2Enchanting+3Memory+4
Trivia+2Left Handed+1Wand+2General Trivia Subject+3Niche Trivia Subject+4
Management+2Two Handed+1Orb+2Historical Application+3
Arcane+2Right Footed+1Staff+2
Left Footed+1Script+2
Two Footed+1


Cognition Constitution+2Right Handed+1Held Tool+2Debate+3Visual Reconstruction+4
Prestidigitation+2Left Handed+1Wand+2Prediction+3Specific Game+4
Apprehension+2Two Handed+1Orb+2Analysis+3
Strategy+2Right Footed+1Staff+2
Left Footed+1Script+2
Two Footed+1


Connection Constitution+2Right Handed+1Held Tool+2Empathy+3Spirit Detection+4
Interaction+2Left Handed+1Optics+2Influence+3Specific Emotion+4
Bond Manipulation+2Two Handed+1Artisan’s Implements+2
Right Footed+1
Left Footed+1
Two Footed+1


Resolve Constitution+2Right Handed+1Held Tool+2Leadership+3Memory+4
Projection+2Left Handed+1Crystals+2Mental Self Control+3Confidence+4
Self Control+2Two Handed+1Momentos+2Bodily Self Control+3Metabolism+4
Right Footed+1Sigils+2Spiritual Self Control+3Pain+4
Left Footed+1Shield+2Healing+3Spirit Concealment+4
Two Footed+1