Sculpting a Body & Personality

What is a character? On a character sheet a character is a collection of stats, skills, talents, and items, representing what the character is good and bad at. In a story a character is a collection of values, goals, beliefs, and potentially a sense of justice. It represents a person. This is what you should set out to build when creating a character in Ver.

When crafting your character the game will guide you through finding out what you are good at (and what you are bad at), but it is up to you to really shape your character. Ask yourself questions like why you are good at weilding a sword, or why you can chop a tree down really well. These will guide you nicely into a character that feels whole and complete. Be hesitant to fill in every detail though, one of the joys of roleplaying is discovering parts about your character you never knew as the story develops.

The game will give you strengths and weaknesses, a fun character will have just as interesting strengths as weaknesses. Lean into your strengths, if you are good with a sword, then enter competitions, or train others, let it help define you. Similarly, if you cannot barter whatsoever, then perhaps shopping is a big hobby of yours, or you’ve always wanted to open a shop for yourself. Leaning into your strengths will make you feel incredible, and leaning into your weaknesses will have you laughing hard.


Be sure to think of your character as a real person, rather than a collection of statistics. Ask yourself questions about why you’re good at different things. Lean into your strengths and weaknesses.