Your Race

Your race is a key part of your character and lays out for you how you’ll determine your Attributes, and Defense Values, as well as give you Languages, and a powerful Racial ability. If this is your first time reading about the game, it is recommended you look at attributes and defenses first before choosing your race, as it will help you make a more informed decision about the impacts on your character.

Race Rarity

The primary way of distinguishing between races is rarity. Every race is either common, uncommon, or rare. This doesn’t have much of an impact except that uncommon and rare races are seen less often in the world, be that because they only exist in certain geographical areas, or because their status in the world causes them to live particular lifestyles.

In terms of gameplay common races are more inviting for new players, having less mechanically heavy racials, more forgiving defenses, and incorporating into the world easily. Listed below are some common races we recommend checking out on your first time playing. If you are a returning player–or just want to be experimental–you can look at Uncommon Races or Rare Races. Or you can look at the related races under any of the listed races below. Finally you can find more common races in Common Races

Example Races