Leveling Up Cheat-Sheet

When you gain a Level, the following things happen.

  • Add 3 to your Attributes. That is, add 1 to three different attributes, add 2 to one attribute and 1 to a different attribute, or add 3 to one attribute.
  • You can refund one purchase of a skill, regaining the LP of that purchases cost. If I have a skill I’ve purchased 4 times, then if I refunded it I would regain 4 LP, and have a skill I’ve purchased 3 times.
  • Heal to full toughness

The following are affected by your level, and will change when you gain a new one:

Attribute Cap, The max amount an attribute can be.

Stat Cap567891012141515

Talent Cap, your max talents are \(1 + \frac{Level}{4}\)

Possibly your Racial ability. Many racials scale based on your level.

Dexterous, Cognitive, and Resolve Defenses as defined by Body Type, if you are a Medium character this scales by 3, otherwise check the Body Type document.