Elemental Space

Governed by Psicorna, Dragon of Space, her words declare: Space can be understood as an infinite field of points which can be stretched and compressed. You can manipulate individual points by exchanging them, reorienting them, or linking them together. Exchanged points will also exchange anything occupying where the points were. Reorienting points can be used to rotated objects or regions of space. Linked points act as the same point and anything passing through one will come out the other one, by default the direction is maintained but a practiced space mage can change this orientation by first linking them and then reorienting one of the points.


You cannot link or influence points in another plane or universe, but you can access a special extra dimensional plane called The Scraps. This plane was created by Psicorna and space mages can reserve regions within it to create extra-dimensional pockets that linger and can be accessed repeatedly by the space mage. To do this you must briefly contact Psicorna and she will give you a region of space relevant to your power.