Elemental Force

Governed by Questona, Dragon of Force, their words declare: All forces have an equal and equivalent reaction. Force can be applied to objects as a directional vector, which pushes or pulls on them. The resulting reaction is a force of equal power and opposite direction being applied to you. Force can also be used to manifest physical objects and barriers which are almost impossible to destroy, and nearly invisible to the naked eye. The resulting reaction is that maintaining one of these barriers renders the caster immobile except for very minor movements, such as blinking, breathing, and speaking slowly. This only effects the caster’s muscles though, and they can be tipped over, moved, carried, or knocked around as normal.


To imagine the cognitive load, you can liken Force magic to doing Vector calculations in your head.

In Turn Time, a maintained force object can be manipulated directly with a Quick Action. Maintaining a force object does not prevent you from creating force vectors.