Character Sheet Details

Below are the details of the different slots, and textboxes on your character sheet, broken into a few different sections. This refers to the original pdf, but if you are using your own the formulas, and general uses for different sections will be similar.

Identifiers Section

In the top left of the pdf are 4 stats, Character Name, Level, LP, and Victory/Despair.

Character name is the name of your character. This is just an identifier. Maybe your real name is “Stanley”, but you go by “Dark Shadow.” Whatever it is, it is the best name to call your character.

Level is a number from 1 to 10 which tells how experienced you are. It starts at 1, unless otherwise specified, and goes up by 1 every time you have checked victory and despair.

LP ranges from about 0 to 50. LP is used to buy Skills and Talents. You’ll gain about 5 LP for every level. It’ll start at 0.

Victory/Despair These are checkboxes. You gain a Victory (the top half) whenever something really good happens to you. You gain a Despair (the bottom half) whenever something really bad happens to you. Once both have been checked then you gain a level, and remove the check marks.

Information Section

In the top right of the pdf are 10 different bits of information, including mechanical information, like Player Name, Race, and Body type, as well as more informative stats like, Worship, Age, Weight and Height.

Player Name is your real life name, or whatever you’d like to be called.

Race is your character’s race, you select it at character creation and it influences body type, as attributes, and racials.

Body Type is determined by your race, and influences your Toughness, Carrying, and other things.

Worship is whatever your character’s faith is, or highest thing you answer to. This can be left blank if you are unsure, or could be a God, Association, Friend, or even yourself. In general this would be a God or being of high power that you follow though.

Homeland is wherever your character is from.