Attributes are your character’s core stats, and are the simplest distillation of your character’s capabilities. There are 6 Attributes each with scores which range from -6 to 6. When your character does something that requires a die roll you will always add one of these Attributes to the result, along with any circumstancial bonuses or penalties.

Vigor (VIG)

Vigor is your raw strength, and physical limits of your body. It allows you to become a walking tank, wielding great weapons like Long bows, Great Axes, and Halberds. Crush stone with your bare hands and break down doors with your bare feet. Higher Vigor will let you chop down trees in a single blow, pick up 10m high stone statues, and win every game of tug o’ war. Lower Vigor leaves you meek and fragile, easy to wound, and struggling to carry the groceries home from the market.

Dexterity (DEX)

Dexterity is how well you can control your own body. It increases your reflexes and ability to dodge physical attacks. It allows you to move quickly and precisely, balancing on thin rafters, moving silently, performing elaborate dances and disabling deadly traps. You can use lighter weapons like Daggers, Short bows, and Spears. High Dexterity will let you slip past the palace guards unnoticed and remove ancient golden idols from their pressure plates without triggering the boulder trap. Low Dexterity will cause you to slip and stumble over even the smallest obstacles and accidentally drop the measuring cup of water as you move it from the water basin to the mixing bowl.

Education (EDU)

Education is your learned knowledge and learning ability. It allows you to learn more Skills and Languages, and remember important bits of trivia as well as where you parked your horse drawn carriage. It also encompasses known academic knowledge, and can be used to identify magic, alchemy, and technological items. Some types of magic also rely on Education. High Education will turn you into a walking library of facts, drawing upon the esoteric techniques of the worlds greatest minds. Low Education will have you scratching your head in confusion, getting lost, and struggling to remember which berries you should and shouldn’t be eating.

Cognition (COG)

Cognition is your raw mental processing power, and the ability to adapt to unfamiliar circumstances and think on your feet. It lets you win debates with sound logic, and outwit your opponents using new and innovative strategies. Cognition is also important for application of some academics, such as high level mathematics, mechanics, magic, and alchemy. Cognition is also used to compile clues into conclusions, predict what people will do next, and cast some types of magic. High Cognition will turn you into a mastermind of prediction and reasoning, solving crimes and picking apart your enemies schemes as if they were toddlers. Low Cognition leaves you vulnerable to even the simples tricks and logical fallacies and will make any kind of mental exertion simply exhausting.

Resolve (RES)

Resolve is your strength of will and ability to manipulate your own spirit and emotions. It allows you to regenerate faster, get back up after getting knocked down, and protects you from mental and spiritual intrusions. It also represents your emotional stability and self confidence, which is essential in getting others to put their confidence in you. Resolve can also weaponize your own emotion through personal mementos, allowing you to harm enemies, or protect allies, and manipulate your own spirit to attack or hide your presence. Many gods look for followers with high resolve and grant them their powers. High Resolve will let you gain the trust of the masses, and stand firm in the face of certain defeat. Low Resolve will have you cringing away from even minor wounds, and leave you vulnerable to coercion.

Connection (CNT)

Connection and ability to manipulate and perceive the spirits of other creatures. It allows you to manipulate social situations, and get a better read on people around you. It also represents how attuned you are with the Bond, a spiritual network which connects every living thing. This can allow you to sense nearby spirits, use special Idols to mentally attack and manipulate targets, and use musical instruments to create wide reaching spiritual buffs and effects. Connection also allows you to maintain and use more spiritually imbued items at once. High Connection will charm others, out barter the owner of the local pawnshop, or detect the spirits of living things through walls and hiding places. Low Connection will render you socially awkward, and make it difficult for you to notice and understand other living things.

Attributes as You Level

When making a character your starting attributes are determined by your race, and can vary wildly. Though most common races will have some variant of rolling 1d6-4 six times, and choosing what stat to put them in, then adding one more point on top.

For example, Vincals start with -4 in every stat, and then roll 1d6 six times, rerolling their lowest and highest rolls, adding one dice to every roll. On the other hand Goblins start with -4 in every stat, and may choose to add 1d6 to any stat at the cost of a goblin point. The more goblin points a Goblin has, the stronger their racial is.

There are caps to how high an attribute can be at any given level determined by the table below. Bonuses to your ATT cannot exceed this limit unless explicitly stated. It can be calculated as 2 + Level/3.

Attribute Cap23456

Finally, you add 1 to any attribute of your choosing when you level up, of course this cannot exceed the ATT cap at your new level.


The Attributes are the core of your character, split into 6 different statistics. They are: Vigor: Your strength and athletic abilities. Dexterity: Your precision and agility. Education: Your memory and academic knowledge. Cognition: Your mental prowess and intuition. Resolve: Your spiritual strength and self confidence. Connection: Your social aptitude, and spiritual perception.

When you first create your character your race will determine how to calculate your attributes. After that you will add 1 to any of your attributes whenever you level up, never going above your attribute cap, which is half your level rounded down.