Governed By:

Wimble, The Awake Oak, Wild Watcher, Ascendant God


Precept, Edicts

Treat all living things the same. Do not privilege the common intelligent races over the plant, beast, or golem. Check the growth and grasp of civilization when it presses into untouched lands and enforce the laws of nature. All things eat. All things die. To the hunter goes the catch, and those who survive, survive.

Precept, Idol

These powers require an Idol in the image of my symbol, a willow tree with fluttering branches. While holding my Idol you will become more perceptive of the natural things around you.

Wimble Idol, CNT, 1 Handed. Range: Medium

4 Violence4 Violence5 Violence5 Violence5 Violence6 Violence
3 Shred*2 Shred*2 Shred2 Shred2 Shred1 Shred

*Invigorate: Whatever you’re communing with feels invigorated and refreshed and likes you more.


Genre, Floral

Requires rating of Beginner (1). Allows persuasion of living plants, though they are generally poor sources of information they are eager conversationalists and often easy to convince to do whatever you ask. Plants you are communicating with also become more flexible and mobile, and able to move and act on their own accord.

Larger, older, and more powerful plants may be just as eager for conversation, but will be more difficult to persuade into helping you.

From Memories Requires Rating of Master (4). You may apply Floral to dead plants. The difficulty of this is dependent on how far removed they are from their original form. A deadfall is easier to communicate with than a floorboard, and a floorboard is easier than a cotton shirt.

Genre, Faunal

Requires rating of Intermediate (2). Allows persuasion of living beasts. Animals can be great sources of information and aid, but are more reserved than plants. If you fail to convince an animal to aid you, you will likely have to bargain with them (usually for food) to engage their services.

Beasts you convince to aid you act under GM control, and will independently interpret any task you give to them.


Addendum, Virulent Growth

Requires rating of Advanced (3). By pressing your hand against living plant or beast you can temporarily empower them to significant levels. Animals can be granted bursts of speed, strength, or be made to double in size and plants or parts thereof can be guided to grow into supernatural proportions at violent speeds and your direction.

Effected beasts will remain empowered until the end of the encounter. Plants which have been grown will remain, though if not structurally sound segments of them may collapse or break after some time.