Mentalist (CNT)


Precept, Optics:

Mentalism requires the use of an Optic, a piece of glass often formed into a lense or prism of some kind.

Precept, Mindscape:

Mentalists classify most minds into three distinct parts. The Mental Surface (or Dermis), the Mental Bulk, and the Mental Anchor. All mental effects require a subtle navigation of these layers.

The Mental Surface is made of current thoughts, physical sensory input, and short term memory. It changes rapidly.

The Mental Bulk holds lingering ideas, long term memories, opinions, and important but nonessential mental material. It is largely static but does change on a regular basis.

The Mental Anchor links Mind with Body and Spirit. It is extraordinarily dangerous and difficult (beyond the abilities of most mentalists) to access and contains ideas that are core to a person’s identity. It can change, but only rarely. So called ‘Mind Death’ as it is known, occurs when this Anchor is broken.

Precept, Scarring:

All entrance or manipulation of another targets Mental Bulk or Mental Anchor leaves Scarring, which can be detected by mentalists and bears a ‘tone of voice’ which is unique to each mentalist. A mentalist manipulating their own Mindscape will leave similar scars, but they will be almost completely undetectable, especially to the mentalist.


Genre, Idea Manipulation:

Requires Rating of Beginner (1). Control over the contents (ideas) within a particular mental layer. Manipulation of the Mental Surface allows one to implant trains of thought, short term memories, and even momentary sensory input. While Manipulation of the Mental Bulk allows for the overwriting or erasing of memory, or lingering ideas. Idea Manipulation cannot reach the Mental Anchor.

Idea Manipulation is usually quite subtle, and often goes unnoticed (at least in the moment of casting) by the unwary.

Meme: Requires Rating of Advanced (3). Allows the creation of memes. Idea Manipulation effects which transmit naturally between people who interact with each other socially. These memes usually sputter out after days to weeks, or after infecting a certain number of targets, but powerful memes can last for years or even become permanent.

After casting, treat further transmission as a simple Will attack with Rating equal to the original Rating. Decrease this as the meme goes further away from the original infected. Check for transmission when the subject of the Idea Manipulation is discussed between infected, and non infected.

Targets aware of the supernatural nature of the meme gain +4 Will Defense against transmission.

Genre, Convergence:

Requires Rating of Beginner (1). Allows you to merge mindscapes together, most easily yours and another single target’s. When used to merge the mental surface, this allows easy transfer of thoughts and sensory information and, once initiated, can be maintained over very long distances.

Overlapping mental bodies (or deeper layers) can be performed to transfer large amounts of memory or information very quickly. But if improperly managed (intentionally or not) leads to intense confusion and a lingering mixing of ideas, memories, and sensation.

Convergence is highly sensitive to the number and type of participants. Specifically participants who are unwilling. Additionally convergence is more difficult when the mentalist’s mind is not involved in the merging.

Domination: Requires Rating of Intermediate (2). Instead of merging with another target you dominate them instead. Domination over the Mental Surface allows one to issue primitive commands to the body, while domination over the Mental Bulk allows for much more complex orders.

Domination usually requires total focus and the mentalist cannot do anything else while dominating their target. If a mentalist wishes for a target to continue to obey orders or be effected after they stop concentrating, assume the effect Rating is increased by two.

Domination over the Mental Anchor represents a total control over a person’s mind, memories, and ideas about themselves. It is always permanent and allows a complete rewriting of a person into anything from another person, to a brain dead thrall. It is an act almost universally despised and outlawed in every culture and time. Assume any attempt to dominate the Mental Anchor increases an effect’s Rating by four.

Example Use

  • Include example of rebound on a Domination attempt giving the target info on the caster
  • Include example of Meme being used to create a mnemonic meme which erases memory of the caster’s identity