Elemental Ice (COG)

Governed By:

Issandren, Dragon of Ice, Well Guardian


Precept, Foci:

Elemental magic requires a magical foci: Orb, Wand, Staff or Literature, to use.

Precept, Exchange:

Casting magic through Elemental Ice is a negotiation. You are required to haggle and mentally calculate the value of what you are asking, against what you are offering.

Precept, Sacrifice

The Dragon of Ice demands sacrifice, in exchange for power. Each effect must be fueled by either emotional or physical suffering. Self sacrifice is preferred, but Issandren will accept the suffering of others if inflicted by the caster.

Default rates are that any effect of Beginner (1) or greater, requires at least 1 Toughness worth of suffering.

Noteworthy sacrifices, such as cutting open your own palm, or killing a captive instead of merely wounding them, will increase the reliability of your effects. The default going rate for self inflicted physical damage is 1 Toughness to +2 Circumstance.


Genre, Form Ice:

Requires Rating of Beginner (1). Form large amounts of ice sprouting off of a solid surface with which you are in physical contact. The initial formation of this ice is fast enough to inflict damage. The strength and durability of formed ice is based on the effect’s Rating and scales up to that of steel, but all formed ice will melt in room temperatures, and crumbles to nothing on a timeline of several hours based on its structural integrity.

This Genre is highly sensitive to the range of an effect, and Forming Ice outside of a Close range becomes more difficult.

Genre, Manipulate Ice:

Requires Rating of Intermediate (2). Manipulate ice–either magical or natural–to the caster’s will. At rudimentary levels this can be used to create and throw projectiles, but can eventually be used to form rudimentary constructs, and carefully sculpt ice into any shape desired.


Addendum, Grand Sacrifice:

Requires Rating of Advanced (3). Truly magnificent and irreversible sacrifices–the killing of a loved one, cutting off your own finger, hand, or limb, yield wondrous effects. The rating of an effect cast in this way is increased by either one or two, and gains Circumstance +8.

All ice either formed or manipulated in this way gains either a brilliant blue (for emotional sacrifice) or red (for physical sacrifice) color.

Grand Sacrifice also alters the Genres of Form Ice, and Animate Ice:

Form Ice creates ice which is marvelously durable and does not melt, crumble, or age with time. It can also be created with the precision of Manipulate Ice, without requiring another effect to be cast. It does however, dissolve upon the death of the original caster, unless their Grand Sacrifice was sacrificing their own life, in which case it will remain and is, for all intents and purposes, indestructible. Animate Ice can be used to create lingering effects and ice affected will not melt or crumble like normal. It can be used to create functional prosthetics, perpetual blizzards, permanently animated ice sculptures, and so forth.

Example Use

Intermediate (2) Caster uses Form Ice and cuts their palm, trading 1 Toughness for +2 Circumstance. Their effect succeeds and they summon a jagged wall of ice from the ground before them, stabbing and pushing back the bandit. Wounded, the bandit begins to flee. Intermediate (2) Caster waves their hand and uses Manipulate Ice to break off a dozen shards of ice from their wall and hurl them into the bandit’s back.