Elemental Force (COG)

Governed By:

Questona, Dragon of Force, Well Guardian


Precept, Foci:

Elemental magic requires a magical foci: Orb, Wand, Staff or Literature, to use.

Precept, Action-Reaction

Every force action causes some sort of reaction to the person who cause the action in the first place.

Precept, Mass

Force affects things proportional to their mass. Objects which are less massive will be moved more by force than objects which are more massive.


Genre, Push

Requires rating of Beginner (1). Force can be applied to an object as a directional vector, which pushes on them from their center of mass. The push on its own is not strong enough to harm, but contact with things flung, or flung things contacting solid things can deal toughness.

The reaction of pushing is for the caster to have the same force applied to them in the opposite direction.

Precision: Requires rating of Intermediate (2). The push can be on a specific part of an object rather than at the center of the object’s mass. The reaction on the caster is placed in a place similar to the place on the object. For example an elf pushing the head of a gnome, would push the elf’s head in the opposite direction. Pushing the top left of a door could push the top left of the caster.

Genre, Barrier

Requires rating of Intermediate (2). A piece of space can be marked as a barrier, creating an incredibly strong, nearly invisible blockade. The more complex a barrier is, the smaller it must be. More technically, the more vertices which define the shape, the closer those vertices must be together. While barriers are nearly invisible, an opponent with strong wit will be able to predict and see a barrier.

The barrier is incredibly strong, and one would have to hit it with an effect an order of magnitude stronger than the casters abilities in order to break it.

Barriers must form a solid, meaning they cannot have hollow insides. This is because you must be able to travel along the edges from one vertex to every other vertex

The reaction of defining a barrier is that the caster is rendered immobile. Bodily functions such as breathing and blinking continue. This only impacts the caster’s own ability though, as they can be tipped over, moved, carried, or knocked around as normal.


Example Use